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CCR Quesition #4: How did you integrate technologies – software, hardware and online – in this project?

   Name: Jahzara Spence Candidate Number: 0337 Centre Number: US154 How did you integrate technologies – software, hardware and online – in this project?      Technology was definitely used and integrated in the planning, research, and production of this project. As you are viewing my project by online means of a blog. I had to familiarize myself with new and old technology platforms to carry out this project.     The softwares I used to go about my project are Microsoft Word, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Gmail, and PowerPoint. These were the key to me learning about the course and understanding what's need to create and execute my project. For example, I used Gmail because I had to create a separate email for this course and to use it for various online platforms such as Blogspot and Canva. I even used Adobe reader to access and read the syllabus for AICE Media Studies. Microsoft Word and Powerpoint were both used to enhance my knowledge and learn about camera compositions, house styles

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